Running from the Law: Mally's First Visit to the Beach

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Mally's First Visit to the Beach

Mally is not a water dog.
She will not get in the water.
She does not swim.
She does not like anyone else in the water either.

But she will get her feet wet.
Just up to her ankles.
That's it.
Then she'll jump out and immediately shake off.
And she looks around like she's really proud of herself for getting so wet.

We knew taking her to the beach would be...interesting.

The beach was nearly empty (no other dogs) and there was no leash law, so she was on her own to explore.
So we let her.

And she's off!
Almost there!
Whoa, look at all this water!
No leash!  I'm free!
Phew, it's hot. 
Maybe I should get my feet wet. 
And get a drink.
I don't know what you guys were worried about, this is simple enough.
Whoa, that water just came at me.
Ahhh! Too wet!  Too wet!
Tastes funny too.
It's not so bad, as long as it stays where it's supposed to.
Stay!  Bark!
Damn it.  I'm all wet again.
Maybe I'll just hang out back here.
Oh yeah, this is nice.
I could get used to this.
Ok, enough of that. 
Let's move.
I got places to go and birds to chase.
Waves to watch and people to pet me!
I love the beach.
I'm staying here forever.
See you guys later.
I'm a beach dog now.


  1. What gorgeous pictures of Mally! I'm always jealous of dog owners who can let their mutts off leash. My dogs would be gone in a flash. Like, GONE gone. Haha!

  2. Aww he is too cute!! What beach?? It looks beautiful and empty!!

  3. Your dog is absolutely adorable!! My dog completely loves the water and the beach, it's the funniest thing to watch him.

  4. So cute! I love these pictures (and Melly monologue).

  5. So cute!!! I love the commentarry from Mally. I suspect Hanna would have said similar things. She was not a water dog, although she did fall in the pool a few times--literally, fell. Like, lost her balance and fell in. My sheltie from when I was little (Muffin) looooooved the beach. We'd go every single day after school and she would run and run and run. And be a soaking wet mess. Salt water + sheltie fur = no fun.

    Love the pictures! I can't wait to snuggle with Mally if I manage to come up to STL for Lewis & Clark!

  6. she is so precious! what fantastic pictures!

  7. These are great pics of Mally! My favorites are the ones with her paw prints in the sand while she is running. This beach looks so pretty! Where is it?

  8. Looks like my kind of vacation----the beach, my camera....that's the way I like to go! Great photos of Mally---loved the whole sequence! Have fun.

  9. Those photos of her running down the beach with her imprints trailing after her are beautiful! You should frame them.

  10. Great pics! Seriously, I'm loving your picture heavy posts since getting the new camera. ;)

  11. awwww, i LOVE happy pup pix! btw, your camera takes GREAT shots.

  12. This is so adorable, and you are taking some amaaazing shots!!

  13. Cutest dog ever. And beautiful scenery!!!

  14. Your photos are absolutely beautiful! That is one seriously adorable dog you have! :) xoxox

  15. Aww, I bet my dog would love the beach too!!

  16. Ok, this has got to be the best dog post I've ever seen or read anywhere on any blog! I love it:)

  17. These pictures are amazing! The ones with the paw prints in the sand should be framed. I love them! And I'm glad she could enjoy the beach and find her happy place.