Running from the Law: Around Town

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Around Town

After spending a long day on the beach, we'd get all cleaned up and head into town for a walk and dinner.  I grew up in a small town and really love and appreciate colorful little towns with lots of character.  This town is definitely no exception.  This was our fouth year vacationing here, and it's been so fun to see this town change and grow from year to year. 

It's a quiet little fishing (shrimp and oyster) village, rich in history and warm in hospitality.  The people are wonderful and crazy and interesting.  The town is filled with cute little shops/boutiques, ice cream parlors, pet stores, book stores, wine shops and some of the best restaurants I've ever eaten in.  Every year we revisit our favorite restaurants and make sure to try out a few new ones.  We're rarely disappointed (how could we be eating fresh seafood?) and always amused.  Every dining experience is just experience. 
I was in love with this shrimp boat. 
It was just so rugged yet sturdy.
I don't think this oyster boat is sea-worthy anymore.
There's a gorgeous old church on the way to the market.
The streets are lined with little shops and boutiques.
And the town is filled with colorful characters!
Even the post office is pretty.
There are old plantation homes with giant wrap-around porches.
Lawns filled with trees that were made for climbing.
Gazebos in the park.
And on the water.
Needless to say, we like it here.
(Mally's first ever elevator ride!)
And when we've done enough site seeing and worked up our appetites, it's time to EAT!
Two dozen oysters...STAT!

And at the end of our trip (after one week), our oyster count was as follows:
Sara - 90 oysters
Ryan - 96 oysters

Stay tuned, my next post is about my very favorite place in town.  It needed it's own entire post!


  1. Mmmm I could go for some oysters and an ice cold beverage right about now!

  2. lovely pics wow this place is awesome i like it its really great place

  3. Hands down the walkway to the beach is my fave pic. Oh & cute dress!! :)

  4. OMG! I can't believe you guys ate that many oysters! I love that long sleeveless dress you were wearing, it's so pretty! I also like that picture of the pier leading to the water.