Running from the Law: Eve of Eden Maternity

Monday, August 18, 2014

Eve of Eden Maternity

Before I get too far away from this pregnancy, I need to get this post up.  I apologize for not getting this up WAY earlier, but I completely ran out of time (and energy) towards the end of my pregnancy. Why is it that the first nine months seem to fly by, while that last month feels like 600 years yet you can't get anything accomplished?  Oh, one of the many things I will miss about being pregnant (kidding).

Anyway, a few months ago I was contacted by a clothing company called Eve of Eden about sampling some items from their maternity line.  They are an Australian company looking to expand here in the US and are available online and in a few boutiques.  They graciously let me choose a few items to sample from their online shop - how cool is that?!  Seriously, sometimes being a blogger is pretty fantastic!  

Maternity clothes are usually pretty awful - they're either super expensive or incredibly cheaply made (sometimes both).  They're also usually available in notoriously obnoxious colors or outdated patterns that look like a picnic blanket from the 70's.  I've had a hard time finding well-made pieces in neutral colors that can be worn repeatedly in a variety of ways.  However, I was really impressed with the selection from Eve of Eden's website.  So much so that I had a hard time choosing what to pick.  

After spending quite a bit of time perusing their website, I chose three neutral, yet fun, items that I didn't already have to add to my maternity wardrobe: (1) a white print maternity/nursing blouse; (2) a black ruffled wrap dress; and (3) a black tankini.  
I wore all three items multiple times over the last few months of my pregnancy.  I absolutely loved all three pieces - they were fashionable, well-made and comfortable.  The white top was perfect for wearing to work or out on weekends.  I wore it with jeans, with shorts and with slacks.  I plan on wearing it a few more times in the upcoming months while nursing.  It was really comfortable and fit well.  I loved the rouching and the sleeve length.  The tankini was perfect for wearing to the beach on vacation - it was supportive and actually really flattering (well, as flattering as maternity swimwear can be).  
But the little black ruffle dress was by far my favorite - you really can't go wrong with a wrap dress during pregnancy.  I loved the ruffle embellishment on the dress and the length of the sleeves.  It's made with a super soft stretchy material that surprisingly didn't collect as much dog hair as I expected it to.  I wore this dress out to dinner and to work events a few times and always got compliments.
36 weeks pregnant and rocking the ruffle dress

Fortunately for you, I will not be posting any photos of myself in the tankini...because no.  And the photos I took of myself in the white top were after a very long day at work and I look like absolute death warmed over, so just trust me on that one.  I kept meaning to retake them a different day, but it just never happened. Total blogger fail.  

Also, because we love you all SO MUCH, Eve of Eden has graciously offered a discount code for all my readers that would like to place an online order.  Just use the code RUNNINGLAW at checkout and get $AUS10 off any purchase over $AUS60.  They have some really cute stuff right now that would be perfect for fall - like this chambray shirt dress or this polka dot top - paired with some boots.  

If you're currently pregnant, I hope you'll go check out the Eve of Eden website. 

* Thank you Eve of Eden for offering me the opportunity to review your products.  Other than receiving the items free of charge, I was not compensated in any way for this post.  All opinions expressed are 100% my own. 


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