Running from the Law: The Dog Days of Summer - Natasha

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer - Natasha

Hello friends. I'm Natasha from Hello! Happiness and today I am here thanks to Sara talking all about the Dog Days of Summer, and giving you the details about Chloe, our lovable CRAZY dog.
Ya'll are going to love this...I promise. It makes me giggle when people say "wait, you have a dog???" and I kinda laugh and say, yep, we sure do. I know most bloggers have their lovely canines and furry friends scattered all over their sites, yet it's not something I have ever focused on here at Hello! Happiness. Probably because our dog has a personality all her own.
Chloe is a German Short Haired Pointer and she is 8 years old... Jeff got her as an 8-week old puppy when he was in his senior year of college at UT and from day one, she was a nut. She was notorious for having accidents on people's beds, eating shoes, destroying anything of value, and never ever listening to Jeff. He planned on using her as a hunting companion so he sent her off to a dog boarding school when she was a puppy and it's safe to say she wasn't the valedictorian of her class, bless her heart. This might be something we still ridicule him for even to this day. However, I do have to say, she has the sweetest, most gentle disposition and is a great family dog, especially given the fact that the girls LOVE to ride her, wrestle her on the ground, pull her tail, and do anything to get her attention. I inherited her when Jeff and I decided to move in together and bought our first home, where she was babied like crazy and had her own room downstairs...easy life, huh?
Well, as you are well aware, not one, but two baby girls entered our world over the next 1.5 years so poor Chloe learned to take a backseat to the chaos that has ensued and was fine with laying on the couch next to us, just as long as she was included in all the family fun.

She LOVES to play fetch, loves nightly walks around the neighborhood (especially when we let her take a dip in the pond), can't get enough of some occasional steak leftovers, and makes a great snuggle buddy, though she still obeys anyone and everyone except Jeff. The only thing that seems to annoy her are the yorkies that live across the street that crawl under our fence to "play" with her...she isn't much a fan. Since we moved, she now spends the majority of the day out in the backyard, but sleeps in her crate inside and ALWAYS has a blanket over her at night because she loves it to be completely weird.

playing fetch with daddy and Caroline at our old house
 told ya she loves to cuddle...lucky she is so sweet to the babies and LOVES to give kisses
There you have it, a little show and tell about our dear dog Chloe! Thanks for letting me play along, Sara!


  1. Aww, Chloe is a cutie and sounds like a sweet dog. I think she needs to make more of an appearance on the blog. :) Maybe there will a Sugarbit dog collection someday and she would be the perfect model.

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