Running from the Law: The Dog Days of Summer - Julie

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Dog Days of Summer - Julie

Hi Friends! I'm Julie...wife to Jon, and mama to Hudson.  I blog about life with a busy toddler over, my messy house, and my love for fruit snacks over at The Girl in the Red Shoes.
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Before we had Hudson, our golden retriever Wrigley was our baby. I've always been a dog (and cat!) person but having him was a new experience for my husband. We both love our golden boy so much and I just knew that once we started a family he would be great with kids.
And I was right!
 photo IMG_6944copy.jpgWherever Hudson goes, Wrigley is sure to follow. He kept his distance for a while (thanks to Hudson pulling his hair every chance he got) but now they are best buddies. They play with each other, chase each other, and love on each other. It's enough to make my mama heart melt.
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Hudson loves to feed Wrigley snacks (both the doggie and toddler kind) which I know is probably the number one reason Wrigley loves this boy. I can't say that I blame him! When I was pregnant I worried that our furry boy would be neglected...and it's totally the opposite. He is a member of our family and we wouldn't want it any other way.
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And although we have our fair share of toy stealing, snack snatching, and rough housing we wouldn't change one thing about the relationship between these too. These are the days I will never forget.


  1. Wrigley and Hudson together? Melt my heart. Too cute. We have a big dog too - brought her home just a couple of months before we got married, so she was our first 'baby' too - and were worried about how she'd do with a new baby in the house. But the transition couldn't have gone smoother, and now Ellie and Caleb are as tight as Wrigley and Hudson. And it's seriously the. cutest. thing. ever. Love that connection between a toddler and his dog:)