Running from the Law: New Mommy Confessions - Part 11

Thursday, December 27, 2012

New Mommy Confessions - Part 11

Amy from The Baby Days

*  I have three kids. My newest is Eli, 9 months old.  My brain is so completely fried after having three kids that I can't remember to call Eli by the right name!! I use his brother's name. His sister's name. His dad's name. I've even called him names we were considering when I was pregnant. Maybe we picked the wrong name, I don't know. Oh, well. Either way, we sure do love little what's-his-face. :-)

*  The mere thought of my kids growing up and moving away brings me to tears.  I’m already telling my 5-year-old, “One day you’ll get to grow up, get married and live down the street from Mommy!!  Won’t that be GREAT?” 

* With each new child, I forgot everything I had previously learned about babies.  Everything!  When do they eat real food?  When do they pull up?  When do they babble?  Don’t ask me!  It’s not like I’ve done this three times or anything.

* I am sooooo sick of breastfeeding.  Don’t get me wrong—I’m very glad I’ve been able to do it for 9 months this time around, and I know it’s really good for the baby.  BUT.  I’m so tired of trying to find a place to feed him in public when I have my other two kids with me.  And my baby won’t take a bottle at all, so I can’t be away from him for too long.  It feels like my life revolves around feedings sometimes.  There are worse things for sure, but I’m definitely looking forward to getting my body back.

* We are seriously considering giving the baby nothing but diapers and wipes for Christmas this year.  I’m not trying to be cheap or anything, but we still have all of my older kids’ baby toys and we’re up to our eyeballs in plastic crap around here.  Not to mention, I know he’ll only want the boxes and bows.  I’m not a horrible mom, right?  Right??

* With my first and second kids, I read the milestone charts and knew exactly what my babies would/should be doing and when.  Yeah, I don’t do that so much with numero tres.  So when Eli masters a new skill, we’re genuinely surprised.  We’re like, “Hey, he rolled over!  I forgot they do that!”

* Sorry if this sounds sappy, because it is, but….I so love being a mom.  Sometimes my husband and I daydream about the things we’d do if we didn’t have children.  We’d travel, a lot. We’d have a bigger house and a nicer car.  Things would be unsticky, unbroken and uncluttered. We WOULDN’T have a friggin’ mini-van parked in our garage.  But we always, always agree that none of those things hold a candle to life with our three little ones.  As I’m typing this, my daughter is literally licking my face, pretending to be a dog.  You can’t buy that, people.

Jen from Dave + Jen = Max

*  If I could birth a 6 month old baby (not size wise, just age wise) then I probably would. My baby was a screamer and cried non-stop for basically the first 6 months of his life. He sure makes up for it now with his cuteness though, thank goodness. 

*  Speaking on the same subject. I believe I would like the infancy stage a little more if I hadn't breastfed. I truly think I was feeding for 80% of my day between breastfeeding (because they are so slow at first) and pumping after to ensure I was getting enough milk. It was a lot of work that I don't regret doing, but I don't think I enjoyed my little one as much as I could have. 

*  I have mastered the art of chugging a margarita/glass of wine in about 5 mins (or less) so I can get it through my system in order to breast feed later in the evening. Ya gotta do what ya gotta do to survive :) 

*  In order to keep Max busy while he zooms in his car walker, we usually have to sacrifice the dog. Max gets bored easily so we bribe the dog with food so she will stay around and he can chase her around the kitchen. It's no wonder his first word/sound is DA (for dog). 

Samma from Spice and Sass

Since I having a child, I have become the biggest sentimental cornball!  I cry at the drop of a hat now.  However, crying during aerobics last Saturday took the cake.

Okay, so I am going to my weekly Jazzercise class, and it's the owner's 25th anniversary.  All the instructors dress as Kim, the owner (keep in mind, they are all ripped- Jazz is no joke!), and have a special class honoring her.  Kim's daughter calls her on stage to do a cool down to this Martina McBride song with lyrics about how a mom hopes her daughter thinks she is strong and wise.  

(Here is the link I cannot watch it without bawling, gah!).  

Anyway, both mother and daughter are bawling.  It's so sweet and sentimental.  I'm frantically trying to wipe my tears away without the skinny college girls next to me seeing my sobbing.  

So yeah, crying during Jazzercise because of a Martina McBride song is a new low.  

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  1. Still love reading these. Thanks for letting me contribute!

  2. So fun!
    Amy-My daughter received diapers, wipes, and a bathtub toy. She was thrilled.
    Jen the chugging of the booze is a necessary skill when breastfeeding.
    Samma-I am not surprised by this.
    Love reading these confessions!!!

  3. Just loving this series as always! Thank you so much for introducing us to some new bloggers and reuniting us with some of our faves too! I am just obsessed with all of them. YAY Amy, Jen and Samma!!!

  4. Oh and PS - Jen - I am SO WITH YOU on birthing a six month old. I'd have ten if I could just get them to six months - Stella just hit this age and it is BY FAR my FAVORITE age EVER! Sleeping through the night and so giggly and fun, but not yet crawling/walking......bliss! :)

  5. I love your confessions series, Sara, thanks so much for letting me participate!! I so agree with Jen on bypassing the newborn phase. And Samma, that song was designed to make moms cry, I think.

  6. I really think the fact that newborns aren't much fun is the best kept secret about babies. I never heard such a thing before I was pregnant. Or really until after I slogged through the newborn phase. It is so refreshing to have heard the same thing from so many moms lately though, many of them here. I hope you keep getting submissions for these, Sara, because they are great!!

  7. LOVE reading great and so true :)

  8. Ahh, 11 confessions later and I still love this series. It's so nice to know that I'm not alone in some of this sentiments :)