Running from the Law: Hey Girl

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Hey Girl

Hey girl.
How you doing?
I've just been sitting here thinking about you.
Ok, so I was really thinking about eating that rock, you caught me.
But it looks so delicious.
I was also thinking about how fast I am.
Betcha can't catch me!
Ok, so you got me.
Do it again!
You won't get me this time! 
Do you need me to slow down for you?
Hey girl!
(With an Italian accent) 
Why you no chase me no more?
Alright then, let's play in the dirt.
Do you know what goes well with dirt?
It makes mud.
Add a leaf and a rock, you've got dirt stew.  It's delicious, trust me. 
Toddler Top Chef, here I come. 
The paparazzi is insane around these parts. 
Guess I could always outrun them. 
But what's the use?  I'm just so popular.
I'll probably have my own cooking show soon.
I'll only use fresh organic local ingredients from my street.
Delicacies like gum balls and maple leaves...
...pebbles and sticks. 
I'm going to need a bigger bucket. 
Hey girl, want to be my sous chef?
Love and kisses,
Baby Mac


  1. Oh my gosh! This is just too cute!! These pictures are all so great!

  2. Those shoes! He is so stinking cute.

  3. Those shoes. His little curls, which I lovingly refer to as a "duck tail". Those CHEEKS.
    It's all too much.

  4. I can't even handle it. I can't believe he's so big and I haven't seen him in so long. Want to just ship him over here when I send the dogs? Could be fun. I mean, he'd be raised by his fabulous Aunt Ally and Aunt Molly and their three dogs. He might even pick up an accent OMG!

  5. Sara, this is hysterical! Love it. The one of him with the "Italian accent" made me think of Joey from Friends: " you doin?" He's so cute. Just too much personality for that small body. :-)

  6. OMG seriously adorable! How do you get him to look right at you so often right in the middle of playing?! Great photos as always but I LOVE LOVE your commentary with these ones!

  7. He is seriously the CUTEST little boy.

  8. BEST. SHOES. EVER. You know how much I love Baylor, so I am always attuned to green and gold accessories. On the same note, Mizzou is off to a good start this year! :)

  9. He is so stinkin' cute. Love that kisses picture.

  10. I seriously want to hug him!! He is so you "why you no chase me no more?"

  11. Oh, my goodness! This had me smiling the whole time! Great pics and fabulous narration. ;)

  12. HIS HAIR! I'm in love. And the last picture - you've got a total doll on your hands...oh my!

  13. Ahh I just love him...he's so sweet! And his hair....LOVE!

  14. He is too cute! Please do not cut that hair!!