Running from the Law: Mac's Kindermusik Class

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Mac's Kindermusik Class

One of my favorite things that Mac and I do together is Kindermusik class every week.  Class is during my lunch break on Wednesdays and it's such a nice way to spend an hour in the middle of the week snuggling, singing and dancing with my little guy.  Mac started taking Kindermusik classes last fall when he was four months old.  He was the littlest kid in the class and could barely stay awake the entire class.  By the end of the year though, he was a walking, talking, singing, dancing machine.  He went from bald and floppy to blonde and feisty.  It was so amazing to watch all the babies over the course of 9 months grow into fun, opinionated, silly kids.  We just started our second year of class, with many of the same kids/parents as last year, which is so much fun. The Village class we've been taking is perfect for the littlest kids (newborn to 18 months)- there's lots of easy hands-on instruments (drums and shakers), tons of cuddle/physical contact time, singing, dancing, bouncing, swaying with plenty of opportunity for the kids to explore and interact with the other children.  We really lucked out and got an amazing teacher (hi Miss Jeanne!) and a class filled with the nicest parents.  All the kids get along really well and it's been such a blast getting to know them and their little ones.  
We always start class off with the same "Welcome Song" and say hi to each child individually by their name.   The kids love this part because it always feels familiar and they get to hear their own name being sung by the group.  
 Then we move on to instruments and songs. Each semester is divided into 2 mini-sessions and each session has a theme.  Right now our theme is "Feathers" so all the songs are about birds or flying.  Some of the other themes were transportation, nursery rhymes, bedtime and rhythms.  
The egg shakers are always a big hit with the kids.  
However, Mac loves the containers just as much as the instruments. 
He loves dumping them all out, putting them away and wearing them as a hat. 
He's definitely the class clown.
We have a phenomenal teacher that loves what she does and loves the kids.  
One of my favorite things about class is the parent/kid "together time."  I love that the class encourages so much physical affection and eye contact between the parents and the kids.  
The "together time" is especially wonderful for me, who gets to spend some time with my little guy in the middle of my work day getting hugs and kisses.  As a full-time working mom, by Wednesday I'm missing Mac so much already that it's hard to leave the house in the morning.  So, this is mid-week session such a treat for me.  Well, that assumes my kid wants to hang out with me -- sometimes he just wants to run around like a wild animal.  And that's ok too.  
The singing and dancing is always a big hit too.  Mac loves getting spun around and lifted up to the music.  The bigger Mac gets, the more this class is like a workout.  
Is there anything better than babies dancing?
We usually do a fun activity or new instrument each week, just to switch things up a bit.  This class we had plastic toys that connected with a "pop" and spoons and bowls to use as drums.  
Towards the end of class, there's always a quiet story time.
Although not everyone can sit still long enough to look at books...
Or they just want to eat them.
Our last activity of the class was to play with the scarves.  Mac's never really been interested in these until today.  He's discovered he can wear them on his head, which is hilarious to him (and us).  
He wasn't the only one loving the scarves this day.
Then we end the class with a "Goodbye Song" and say goodbye to each kid individually.  
Until next time...
(Is she not the cutest?)

Has anyone else taken their baby to a music class? 
What types of kid-friendly classes are your favorites?


  1. Aww this looks so fun! I can think of nothing I would rather do with my lunch break than something fun with my little man! :) Glad you get to. Hope y'all are ready to root on the Cardinals tonight!

  2. Pretty much every mom I know raves about Kindermusik... I've tried it twice and Callie just isn't into the music or instruments she just wants to run around! I'm so glad to see Mac loves it and gets something out of the class and you guys get some extra time together during the week!

  3. SO much fun! I need to look into this. I think Owen would really enjoy it now. Love the pics and Mac with the scarf... to stinkin cute!!!!

  4. What a fun way to spend your lunch break! I definitely am going to look into this!

  5. So cute and such a great way to break up your week!

  6. Absolute cutest! This class sounds like so much fun :)

    Sofia is a fan of the egg shakers too...I may be an even bigger fan, can't put them down! ;)

    Hello Newlywed Life Blog

  7. SO fun. Amazing that you can go mid week with the little guy. It is heartbreaking thinking of all the stuff I'm missing while I'm at work. Ever think of throwing in the towel and staying home?

  8. Avery loves music and to dance. We went to a music class last week and she had so much fun.

  9. We attend Gymboree, which seems similar in structure - and, we love it! It's been so much fun watching all the kids develop, grow, and learn. Like Mac, Marcus finds the containers that hold the smaller objects to be just as much (if not more) fun as what the container holds. Silly boys. :)

  10. So sweet, Sara! What a great way to spend time during the work day. And aside from Mac looking adorable as always, the kid with the static hair is cracking me up!

  11. hey nice post meh, You are one of the best writers I've seen of recent. I love your style of blogging here. this post reminds me of an equally interesting post that I read some time ago on Daniel Uyi's blog: Why You Should Always Bless Those You Come In Contact With .
    keep up the good work friend. I will be back to read more of your posts.


  12. I know I've said it since the day he was born, but, the bigger he gets the more he looks just like you! It's a mini version of my very best friend--how freaking cool is that?

    He cracks me up! He can come here and be BFF with George. I think this is a swell plan.

  13. I get emails all the time from kindermusic and always have wanted to sign Mason up just never have but you've made me want to even more! Looks like so much fun!

  14. this looks like so much fun!!!! i do a my gym class with my daughter that is similar, and i really do look forward to it each week!

  15. Wow - that looks like an amazing place for babies and toddlers. And I think it is great you captured all his "friends/classmates" too! :)

  16. How awesome to be able to do during you lunch break..looks like so much fun:) I just sign Stella up for a music class, it doesn't start for a few months but I'm really looking forward to it now!!!

  17. Oh wow. This looks like so much fun! I took my nephew to gymnastics class once which was pretty fun, but I've never been to baby music class!

  18. Ella and I did Kindermusik and loved it!!! So glad y'all are liking it! Your pics are precious!

  19. We do Music Together. It's great, she really loves it! They give us a CD with all the songs on it and my daughter always requests it in the car. I'm jealous you get to do it during lunch break! We do it on Saturdays.

  20. Those classes sound like fun! And what a great way to get your Mac time in in the middle of the week! That's so wonderful that you can spend the time with him.

  21. What a fun little class full of adorable babies!! We don't have Kindermusik in our little town, but we LOVE our weekly library visits for story time! :) Jaqs has come out of her shell so much since the start of the year!

  22. How fun and precious! It seems like you do a great job balancing work-life and family-life. He looks so happy!

  23. so fun! I wish we had some Kindermusik classes that were nearby and worked with our schedule! I know Elyse would just LOVE it!

  24. what a nice break in your day!!! I am laughing at the class clown note. so cute.