Running from the Law: Easter Bunny Beware

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny Beware

There was a showdown at our house today. 

Dog vs. Bunny. 
Only a panel of glass separates this vicious killer from her prey.
If you could only hear the weird growling noises she was making.
The stare down.
So intense.
And then the bunny moved and the dog ran straight into the glass door.  Whack!

Winner: Bunny.


  1. Oh wow! Those pictures are priceless...especially so close to Easter!

  2. Hahahaha! That is hilarious! We used to have this giant bunny, that looked like a tame rabbit (it was seriously huge!) living in my parents' yard. My brother and I began to worry that our mom was losing her marbles because she would alwasy mention this bunny. I was so relieved when I finally spotted the huge bunny myself!

  3. haha... Love it... OUr dogs are currently having a serious show down with the squirrels in the back yard... the dogs come into the living room and lay down when the back door is open, then they wait for the squirrels to come down the tree, then they sprint outside as fast as they can, they've managed to trip each other and knock each other down, knock down all the pots on the patio, tip over their water bowl, and the garbage can, but they have yet to surprise the squirrel who always seems to be just out of their reach! It's too much fun to watch the whole charade :)