Running from the Law: Easter Cakes

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter Cakes

I got such a great reaction to the Lamb Cake post last week that I wanted to give you an update on how Alice's cake turned out. 
Even the mold is terrifying.  "Good Morning, Clarice Alice!"  I would have to hide this in the back of a closet or something.

Alice decided to go with a black sheep lamb cake, using chocolate frosting, instead of fluffy white icing.  Interesting choice.  However, she still used some white coconut sprinkled on the lamb, which gives it a snow-covered-hudled-up-freezing-its-ass-off-shivering-in-the-grass effect.  The poor thing lost an ear in the process (and almost it's head) and had to have a spinal implant of spaghetti noodles.  It was baaaaad.  Her sister Ann, of Pierce Whole Nutrition blogged about it HERE, you have to read it!

So, without further ado, here it is...
Hmmm.  I sure hope it tasted good.

Another reader (and Twitter pal) V of *Uncorked said that her family does a lamb cake every year too.  Her and her sister fight over who gets to eat the head because she claims that's the best part!  However, this year her mom didn't want to upset her nephew, so they're weren't allowed to slice off the head and eat it. (Um, yeah!  Cuz that's sick!)  So, she ate the lamb ass instead because it has the most frosting and coconut.  Hahahaha!  Here's her mom's lamb cake.
Poor thing has really sad black eyes.  Like it's pleading for it's life. 

Sorry girls, I'm not sure I'm ever going to understand the appeal of the Easter lamb cake.  However, I am considering making one for Halloween this year since they're so damn creepy.

So instead of a lamb cake, I made a carrot cake.  Carrots aren't scary.  Even when they're angry they're not scary. 

After my cake decorating class a few weeks ago, I was determined to make the most beautiful carrot cake you'd ever seen.  And that was the plan...I was determined.  The problem was that the plan was rudely interupted by my husband, who forced me to go have a good time at a Final Four party Saturday night, leaving me to decorate the cake at 2:00 a.m. when we got home.  Please let this be a warning to you all that you should never "Drink & Decorate." 
Although this cake may look alright (i.e. not scary), I promise you it was a big fat mess.  The icing in between the layers was bulging out the sides.  It was all kinds of slanty and uneven.  I could not keep my fingers out of the damn icing on the sides, which I had to redo about 600 times and finally just gave up.  And the carrots (which were made of fondant) were ginormous monster carrots.  I woke up on Sunday to a total disaster in my kitchen, stained orange and green fingernails and a fat mess of a cake!
But damn it, it tasted GOOD!

My friend Michelle also took the cake decorating class with me and made a carrot cake for Easter (I actually stole the idea and recipe from her).  Her cake looked amazing!  See those even straight sides!  And those beautiful peaks on top!  She even put little bundles of carrots on the sides!  I'm so impressed.  Although I have a feeling she might have been sober when she decorated...lesson learned.


  1. Sara,

    Was Alice drunk decorating when she made her lamb cake?

    PS Please blog carrot cake recipe! Looks delicious.

  2. I think your cake looks amazeballs! Icing oozing out of the sides? Um, yes please! The icing is the best part of the cake! So a goopy gloppy cake is yummy, in my opinion. And I laughed at this: "The poor thing lost an ear in the process (and almost it's head) and had to have a spinal implant of spaghetti noodles. It was baaaaad." <---haha, baaaaaad.

  3. oh my gosh--you have some serious cake decorating ability! I am so impressed and jealous :)

  4. You are right, the lamb cake is creepy! We always used to makea bunny cake (out of two round cakes) growing up!

  5. Oh dear God...those lamb cake...make 'em stop!! They're awful!!! But I do kinda love your idea of making on for Halloween.

    And hello - if your carrot cake is a bad decorating job, you never ever get to see a cake I make!

  6. Ha! I think your cake looks amazing and delicious. I ate a piece of carrot cake the size of my head on Easter. Now I am paying for it with a juice cleanse, and #$@*ing starving. I could possibly even eat a lamb cake.

    No, not that hungry.

  7. I love carrot cake. It is my all time favorite dessert!

  8. Your cake looks delicious!!
    And I have the same question as above...

    Was Alice drunk when she made her cake??

    Those lamb cakes are WEIRD... i just dont get it.

  9. LOL! That pic of the lamb was hysterical. In other news, I am now craving carrot cake...

  10. "Hmmm. I sure hope it tasted good." Bahaha. You're too funny!

  11. you made that!? amazing! I don't see any cake mess at all. mmmm now I'm hungry :)

  12. That cake looks amazing! Oh my gosh, I need to make that like NOW! And as long as it tasted good, then it was worth the mess!

  13. Whatev, you're missing out. And just curious as to where you got my name as being Victoria? It's not, but I only go by V :) HAha. I'll never tell!

  14. Ok, so, when you were Tweeting about the lamb cakes, I kept thinking of little chunks of lamby lamb, like a crab cake--which is creepy. Crab cakes however are delicious. Anywas, those damn actual lamb cakes are weird, I am not ok with that. Last year, we bought a marzipan lamb from a youth fundraiser because it was a) a youth fundraiser b) from a really fancy and expensive bakery and c) omg, a lamb made of our marzipan is just too funny. It was still creepy, but, I think less creepy than the cake. I only had little bites of it's feet. It reminded me of that scene in Steel Magnolia's with the armadillo butt!!

  15. You made that carrot cake? You are my hero. Even if it was a mess, you are still my hero!

  16. Yes, I was drunk when I made the lamb cake. thanks for the update sara :) Now I have been publicly outed all over the internet as a horrible baker...

  17. Why is a lamb cake any different than a gingerbread man or a chocolate bunny!!??