Running from the Law: Hugo

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Meet Hugo.
He's a happy dog.
He's my nephew.  He lives with my brother Chris.
He loves getting petted.  But isn't a big fan of sitting still for pictures.
He moves so fast the pictures turn out a little blurry.
But he loves treats.
And will sometimes sit very still for a treat with complete focus.
He swallows it whole and immediately wants another one.
And after a long day at Aunt Sara's house, he's worn out.
And wishes she'd just leave him alone.
Stop asking him to smile for more pictures.
So he just gives up and lays down.  And tries to ignore her.
But she's persistent.
And then she discovers the black and white option on her camera and she starts all over.
Hugo's annoyed.  He looks to his dad for help.
Please get this crazy lady away from me.
But Chris won't save him. 
So back down he goes.
And then flips over.  Time for belly scratches.
It was a good day.


  1. Too cute! I do that to my dog too, don't worry. I love putting captions to everything they do!

  2. What a hilarious series of photos. He seriously looks pissed in the later ones!

  3. Oh my goodness - I'm dying laughing over here. Hugo is adorable. Way to make him made Sara :)

  4. Awwwww!!!! I think this is my other favorite of your posts! Haha. He is adorable!!!!! Like cutest face ever! Well, second cutest. My furbaby is first :-)

  5. SO CUTE! You caught some great pictures!

    I think Hugo and my puppy Kadira would get along famously...

  6. Thanks for making Hugo famous Sara...

    I'm your biggest fan
    I'll follow you until you love me


  7. Wow! Hugo looks a lot like my Daisy! I wish I could attach a photo here to show you, it's pretty creepy how much they look alike!

  8. Oh he's adorable!

  9. Eee! I'm in love =) He's so cute. And looks so regal in B&W!

  10. Awww!! You definitely captured (and captioned) his emotions SOOO well! Love it!