Running from the Law: Ryan's 30th Birthday Luau

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ryan's 30th Birthday Luau

Last weekend my wonderful husband turned 30. He's officially older than dirt. Welcome to the club, honey.

To celebrate, we hosted a luau and pig roast at our house for 50+ of our friends and family members. We had the pig catered, but I did everything else. Needless to say I was stressed out for many days and might have been a crabby bitch. But it all turned out just fine. The food was great, the guests were festive and Ryan had a great time. All is well with the world.

Unfortunately, in my madness-induced bitch-fest frenzy, I didn't take a lot of pictures of the food, the place or the people. And then at the end of the night I had a couple "happy lemonades" and took about 800 horribly blurry and unrecognizable pictures. Ugh. However, a few along the way turned out, so here are some highlights of the night.

I bought 6 inflatable palm trees to put around the yard.
Plus paper lanterns, beach balls and tiki torches.
There were some palm tree hangings.
And floral garland.
And enough leis for everyone.
Around 6:30, the pig showed up.
Can you even believe this?! I mean, it still had ears. Ugh.
The neighborhood kids were pretty freaked out by it. And so was I.
But I will say, it was tasty!

Ryan's brother Justin, his mom and the Birthday Boy!
Dad's got to jump in there too!
And LOTS of amazing friends!
This was the same night that the Cardinal's baseball game went 20 innings. Yes, TWENTY innings!! Everyone wanted to be inside to watch what was going on...

But after the baseball game was over, the party was ON!
Beer pong. And dance party USA.
My kind of night.
(See what I mean about blurry pictures.)

Seriously! What happened to my camera? Surely it was not user error...just couldn't be.
And just because the night ended in a bit of a blur (literally), we had fun. :)

Happy birthday Ryan!!


  1. That luau looks like so much fun! But I agree with you, that pig is scary!! We had one at our wedding, I wouldn't go near it!!

  2. That pig is nasty!!!!!!!!!! We had one at camp every year for a luau but I can't recall anyone eating it? They must have though. I guess I just blocked it out of my memory.

  3. Haha, love when nights end like that. Love it!

  4. you sound a lot like me when you get stressed :)

    Looks like the party was a success!!

  5. I think you captured the evening wonderfully! It looks like everyone had so much fun! I would have been intimidated by the whole pig too, but it is very impressive!

  6. Oh my gosh, how fun! This is an AWESOME idea!

  7. Thanks for the post. I'm sorry I missed it. BTW- Kirsten is gorgeous in that last pic. Love it!


  8. Happy Birthday to your husband! That pig is like way too gross to even look at:(

  9. The pig creeps me out!!! Looks like a great party though!

  10. looks like a great party ~ way to go!