Running from the Law: Random Ramblings Redux

Friday, April 2, 2010

Random Ramblings Redux

Last Friday's random ramblings seemed to go over well, so I thought we'd try that again. Here's some random crap I've been thinking about that I'd like to share with you. Don't you feel lucky?

-- Tomorrow is the official start of our "wedding season"! I'm going to my first bridal shower of the year. We only have 2 weddings to attend this summer, but both are destination weddings (at least they are for us). One in Chicago in June and one in Virginia/DC in August. And I'm really excited for both! I heart weddings. And what's even more exciting is that I get to play photographer tomorrow and take pictures for the bride! Yay! The formal debut of my new camera. Wish me luck.

-- I'm in the process of making myself a "craft room." I know, I know, another project! I'm crazy! But at the end of this project, I'll have a designated place to do other projects, so it all works out. Hint: zebra stripes may be involved.

-- I know I said I wasn't going to watch Parenthood because Lauren Graham could never be anyone but Lorelei to me, but I did. And I love it. Really really love it. Ryan even likes it. Although it totally freaks us out every single week about whether or not we could ever be parents of a teenager. But the grandparents have the coolest backyard/patio on the planet.

-- Have you discovered Hyperbole and a Half? I am so loving this blog. This post on fish/fishing/fish tacos made me laugh so hard I choked.

-- I'm attempting to make a carrot cake for Easter. I want it to look like this:
But it won't. That's so fancy! So I'm just hoping that it'll be edible and taste good.

-- My friend Alice told me she's making a lamb cake for Easter. At first this conjured up pictures in my mind of a cake made of chunks of meat (i.e. mince meat pie style). And that was just gross. But then she said it was a cake mold and the lamb was decorated with coconut as the fleece with jelly bean eyes. Although way less disgusting than the chunks of lamb cake, this sounds bizarre (and kinda creepy) to me. She said it's a family tradition to make one every Easter. I was intrigued. So I did some internet research on lamb cakes and apparently they're quite popular. However, the pictures on the internet are seriously disturbing. *WARNING: PROCEED WITH CAUTION*

This lamb is laying in some lettuce. Not too bad.  Although I'm not a big fan of salad with my cake.
This lamb has been gagged with an apple or something. Does this remind anyone else of a specific scene in Pulp Fiction? So messed up.
This one looks like it has some kind of degenerate skin condition. Or it's really really old. And that it might cry any minute. It makes me sad.
Um...I don't even know.  Is it wearing the mask from Scream?

This one looks more like a poodle than a lamb.
A sheepdog. Nike?
Monsieur Lamb. Bonjour! Oui!
Shhh. This one's sleeping. I think it's been gassed.
I think this one might have already had it's throat slit.
Evil devil lambs. I'm seriously going to have nightmares from this shit.
And who eats the head part of the lamb?

I'm sorry Alice, but I'm just creeped out. I'm demanding that you send me pictures of your lamb cake asap. Please tell me your cake looks more like this...
...or this...
...or this...

Oh, see now that's cute.


  1. I totally pictured a meat cake too. But some of those lamb cakes are even worse than I pictured. Holy disturbing baked goods ma'am! Thanks for the laugh!

    As for Parenthood, it still wiggs me out that Lorelai is a basketcase and it sort of annoys me that in every show everything is a disaster for the first 55 minutes of the episode and then in the last five minutes the whole family gets together, happy music plays and all is right with the world. However, I still love the show and watch it religously.

    And, if you're looking for a GREAT carrot cake recipe - try Smitten Kitchen's. It's phenomenal.
    I don't do the maple in the frosting, but other than that I follow as is and it's to die for.

    Have a great weekend friend!

  2. I want a craft room!! I guess I should probably start being crafty first, haha. Those lamb cakes seriously just made me laugh out loud at my desk!! Good luck with the carrot cake- I can't wait to here how it turns out!

  3. Sara, thanks for not mentioning that in an effort to replicate my mom's family lamb cake tradition, I spent $80 on the lamb cake mold at Kitchen Conservatory :) I will for sure send picks--Challenge: Make lamb cake not look like it has skin condition!

  4. I thought Parenthood looked pretty good, but I agree with Melissa about the 55 minutes of disaster followed by heartwarming family time. Are there really families like that out there? Mine sure as hell isn't. Peter Krause is so freaking hot that I would watch him in anything. But he'll always be Nate Fisher to me. I haven't seen all of every episode, but we'll watch it if we remember it's on.

    Cake Wrecks has been doing Easter-themed cakes all week. There is some scary stuff out there.

  5. thanks for commenting on my blog, love finding other stl bloggers :) you look like you have a lot of great stuff on here too...adding you to my google reader!

    good luck with your carrot cake this weekend!...and i'm totally with you on parenthood. love it!

  6. My daughter directed me to your blog so that I can check out your plate hanging skilz. Which turned out very nice thank you very much and you're welcome. Anyhoodizzle... I am sitting here laughing OUTLOUD and laughing and laughing. Never heard of a lamby cake which made them even more shocking and horrifyingly funny. Thank you it was awesome.
    Seriously you need to turn them pics over to cakewrecks.

  7. I made the mistake of reading your blog at work and laughing out loud, hysterically, at these lambs. Then my dang phone rang and I could barely get it under control before I had to answer it. Darn you!!!

    And is Parenthood really that good??? I just can't see Lauren Graham as anyone other than Lorelei!

  8. Oh my my cousin posted a link to this and I was laughing hysterically. No way would I eat those either.

  9. I just came across your blog from hopping around and decided to check out your fave posts.... and lamb cakes could be the funniest thing I've looked at or read all week long!!! Some of those were SO TERRIFYING!!! I'm a fan of the very last one though-- whew, way to end on a good note! ;)