Running from the Law: Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Pictures

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Obligatory Pumpkin Patch Pictures

So, I'm a little behind on posting these pictures.  I think every mommy-blogger in the world has already posted a million photos of their kid in a pumpkin patch this fall, so I better get with the program before they take away my mommy membership card.  Wouldn't that be the worst?  Anyway, we didn't make it to an actual pumpkin patch this year, but we did make it to the Kirkwood Farmers Market and they sell pumpkins, so that's close enough.

The farmer's market is pretty adorable this time of year, if I do say so myself.  They've got everything from fruits and vegetables to flowers and potted plants, baked goods and jellies/jams to decorations and candies.  The farmers market is a must every time my parents come into town.  Mac and I tag along and make them buy us things like pumpkin whoopie pies, apple cider, vidalia onion salad dressing, zucchini bread and bacon (the bacon was Mac's idea, I swear).   In October, the whole place is decked out in Halloween/Fall decor, with crafts and pumpkins galore.

Mac was mildly intrigued by the decorations.
I'm pretty sure he was thinking, "Hey this one looks like mommy in the morning. Hi mommy."

And these decorations are fun because you get to pull on them, like mommy's hair.

But mainly, he just wanted to chew on them.

Of course, while we were there we had to take a few family photos in the pumpkin patch.

I just love the look on Mac's face here.  
Like he's saying, "Did you really just kiss me in public?! I can't believe you just did that."

And a few of Mac with the pumpkins (as opposed to Mac IN a pumpkin).

He wasn't thrilled about this.

I got that "what are you doing to me?" look of horror.
Are we done yet?

Back in the baby carrier to let Mac pick out his own pumpkin.
Of course he liked the gross warty ones.
Such a boy.

After about 30 seconds he became incredibly bored with the pumpkins and needed something to chew on.
Water bottle for the win.  

The farmers market also has a "kid zone" with swings, a corn pit and mini tractors that you could ride.  We started with the swings.

Mac's first time in a swing was a success.  

He was a little apprehensive at first, but loved it!

Then we took a ride on one of the mini tractors. 

He was not interested in this.  
Perhaps farming is not in his future.

Finally, we moved on to the corn pit.  Now this was FUN.  He could not figure out what his feet were touching and was going to town kicking and jumping and dancing in the corn.

A couple more quick kisses from Granny Kel before heading home.

But not without more pumpkin whoopie pies!


  1. so precious! love the photos of him in the swing...Elyse loves to swing as well!

  2. I have to say your little boy is so precious!!!! Love all the pics

  3. Love that swing pic too! I didn't realize they even had this - we'll definitely have to do it next year. Maybe we could even like, have our shit together enough to meet y'all at a predetermined day and time. I know my kids would be ALL OVER that corn pit!

  4. So sweet! It looks like you guys had a great time!

  5. The pictures are great and you guys are so cute!!!

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