Running from the Law: Weekend Ranching

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weekend Ranching

A couple weekends ago we packed up the baby and headed down to Potosi, Missouri to Sayersbrook Bison Ranch.  Sayersbrook is a 1000+ acre ranch (that's over six square miles!) with 1100 bison, a massive lake for fishing and boating, off-road trails for 4-wheelers, obstacle courses for Hummers, a sporting clays station, a shooting training center, a pool, a hot tub, tennis courts and even a hole of golf.  The place is amazing and we are so lucky to call the Sayers family good friends.

Ryan and I have been spending summers at the Ranch since we started dating, nearly 10 years ago.  We've spent almost every Fourth of July here, a few New Years Eves, a couple Labor Days and plenty of other random weekends.  This was Mac's first trip to the Ranch and first time meeting his "honorary grandparents," Skip and Connie.  This was also my first time being at the ranch in October and I must say...I have never seen the place looking more spectacular!  The colors were beyond gorgeous, the bison were magnificent and the fish were biting!  All the makings of a perfect fall weekend.

We arrived in Potosi Saturday afternoon.  
Mac went on his first boat ride and got to do a little bass fishing with his dad.
He absolutely loved being out on the water.

However, it was a little too windy for him (and me), so we didn't stay out long.

Plus, it was naptime, so we headed back to the house/lodge and did a little exploring.

On Sunday morning, Mac insisted on paying a visit to the bison.

He drove the truck.

He's a pretty good driver, for someone who can't see over the steering wheel.

After a beautiful drive around the lake, (over the river and) through the woods...we found the bison.
Sayersbrook has over 1,000 bison!  This is just one of the many herds.
If you visit Sayersbrook, you can do a bison "tour" where you meet the herd and even get to feed them.
I've been on the tour and it's worth it.

Sayersbrook also sells bison meat.
Did you know that bison meat has more more protein than beef and less fat than fish or chicken?
And it's GOOOOOOD.

I think bison are pretty magnificent creatures.

I love listening to their grunts and snorts.

They're not stupid lazy cows - they're fast and strong and massive.

Best viewed from afar or from the safety of your vehicle.

Mac wanted to ride one of the bison (the little daredevil that he is) but we told him he had to wait until he could at least walk.  Instead we went back to the lake to do some fishing and chow down on a bison burger (or two or three).

He did a little goofing off with dad.

And some snuggling.

But he really just wanted to flirt with all the pretty girls.

He's such a ham.
Give him a little attention, and he really turns it on!

We call this the "Mac Show."

But of course, the highlight of the trip for Mac was hanging with Cita (or Grandma Connie). 

She has a brand new granddaughter, Josie, that's just a few months younger than Mac.  We all know that these two are going to be best friends growing up. I get so excited thinking about Mac and Josie having wonderful ranching adventures together in the upcoming years.  They are going to get into so much trouble!

Of course the weekend went by way too quickly and before we knew it, it was time to head back home.

Thank you Connie and Skip for the wonderful weekend!
Thanks for feeding us and housing us and making us feel like part of the Sayers family.
We love you guys and can't wait to see you again (and meet Baby Josie) in a few weeks!


  1. That looks like so much fun! I've never heard of that place but I bet it's a great place to spend a long weekend. What foliage!

  2. Wow...gorgeous photos! Those cool! And of course Mac is the cutest little nugget ever!! Love how his face just lights up!

  3. Hahah Mac got his driving lessons early ;)

  4. That looks like so much fun! So glad you guys had a great trip!

  5. What a fun trip! KB would love something like this - especially if bass fishing is involved.

  6. That looks beautiful! So fun to introduce him to the things that you've enjoyed for years.

    Random, but what camera lens do you use? 50 mm?

  7. Gorgeous shots with the Bison and the fall leaves! I really miss Fall!!

  8. Whew, thank God you didn't say that Mac and Josie were going to get married or some nonsense like that because you know he's marrying my yet unborn daughter. DUH.

  9. What a cool trip! I bet once Mac can walk, he's going to be trying to ride and wrangle the bison. :-)

  10. Looks like y'all had an amazing time! What a gorgeous place!!!

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  12. How fun! Mac is so happy and adorable. I could look at pics of him all day!

  13. What a gorgeous ranch - Mac is a well traveled little guy already :)

  14. What an amazing place...bigger than my home town and more bison than there were people....

  15. What a cool place! You're right the colors of all the trees look gorgeous and it looks like such a great time. Your little guy is too cute. We saw a bunch of bison in Yellowstone this summer and I just couldn't give over how truly huge they are. It was a little scary when they were so close to the car but also super neat.

  16. Oh my goodness this looks like so much fun! What an amazing experience and neat place. xx