Running from the Law: New Mommy Confessions - Part 4

Monday, November 26, 2012

New Mommy Confessions - Part 4

You guys!!  I have such a treat for you!  The "New Mommy Confessions" posts have been such a hit that I've invited a few of my favorite mommy bloggers to share some of their confessions as well.  You are going to LOVE these!  I got such great response that I'm going to have a couple posts over the next week or two featuring a few of the best (and most honest) bloggers I know.  I'm sure you can all relate to some of these great confessions - it's SO nice knowing I'm not the only one who does ridiculous things!  I hope you guys enjoy the confessions, leave some comment love, visit their blogs or feel free to leave a confession of your own!  Thank you for reading and thank you ladies for sharing!

Natasha from Schue Love 

Hi Friends!  I'm so happy that Sara asked me to participate in her "New Mommy Confessions" series today.  I have a five  month old son, Ethan, who was born this past June and I'm married to my college sweetheart, also named Ryan!  We currently live in Tahoe and despite my sporty look below...I'm a girly girl who loves to shop, drink wine, and catch up with my girlfriends.

I have to admit {first confession!} that I would be totally lost without the support from the blogging community. Being a first time mom is hard stuff and nothing really prepares you for it! We women definitely need to stick together and tell it like it is....I'm so thankful for Sara and her blog!  Her blog just cracks I right?  Alright...without further ado, here are my mommy confessions:
  • When I come home from work, I just want to sit and snuggle with Ethan.  But if the baby starts to fuss or cry...I'll gladly hand him over to his dad.
  • My body postpartum is no joke.  I'm losing hair like no one's business...and it's very limp.  My full and lustrous hair is no more.  And even though I'm breastfeeding full time, I'm not losing the weight.  No bueno.  Perhaps the only thing that makes up for it is the big{ish} boobs.  I've never had them before and I definitely could get used to them!  ;)
  • I have no problem talking to my dog or cat, or speaking for them for that matter {our Golden has a goofy voice and Mr. Whiskers is French}.  But for some reason, talking in "baby talk" to my son just seems like I'm undermining his intelligence.  You should see some of the looks I get for this kid!  On the other hand, I have NO problem making funny noises and faces and the reactions I get from him more than encourage me to keep it up.  My biggest accomplishment to date is that he had his first laughing fit with me.
  • I didn't cry when I went back to work and I felt guilty for not feeling guilty.  Actually, that's a lie...I cried the morning I left because I felt like our special "just us" time was over.  But once I got to work, I was ok...and that was that.  The truth of the matter is that I cherish the time Ethan and I spend together so much more now and I feel like Ryan and I are equal partners and parents.  We both get up in the middle of the night to tend to him and we both get to spend quality time with him after work.  
  • Even though we swore against co-sleeping...when Ethan wakes up at 6am, I would much rather snuggle with him in bed than try to wrestle him back down in his crib.  Usually, I don't end up sleeping, but watching him next to me and taking in his sweet baby smell more than makes up for it.
  • I'm with Sara...our baby lives in PJs.  I hardly understand how to dress myself for the cold weather {here in Tahoe} let along a baby.  So he lives in PJs...and I feel incredibly guilty that he has TONS of cute clothes and barely wears them.  Oops!

Katie from Loves of Life

- A few weeks ago while getting my 2 year old ready for preschool, I (knowingly) put two mis-matched socks on her feet, because that was all I could find! and we were running late! and she'd just be wearing shoes that would hide them anyway! Right? They were both pink. BUT. The bottom of one of them clearly read, "SIZE 0-6 MONTHS".  SHE IS TWO AND A HALF. I shoved those suckers on her anyway, because god-knows-where-socks-that-fit-were. I honestly thought, "I hope they aren't doing like, foot painting, or something in preschool today. That'd be so embarrassing if her teacher saw these socks". But obviously that didn't stop me.

Flash forward to pre-school pick up. The one and only time we've ever had a pee-pee accident since she's been potty trained. And, OF COURSE--the pee went DOWN TO HER SOCKS. Requiring a SOCK CHANGE, too. Because, OF COURSE! On the day I had mis-matched, clearly-too-small socks on my kid was the day she peed ALL THE WAY DOWN TO HER SOCKS and NEEDED A SOCK CHANGE. I swear, I saw the judgey look in her teachers eyes, I swear. 

- And my poor second child. Some days? After getting my oldest dressed and ready for the day? I have no energy to even change Lucy out of her pajamas. I should be more embarrassed to admit that the kid wears her footie pj's most the day, and sometimes I only realize she needs a fresh outfit when I see photos of her in my instagram feed from the night before IN THE SAME PAJAMAS. Fail. To my benefit, I'm thankful it's "Bundle-Me" season in the infant carrier. That big 'ole fleecy thing hides the fact that my baby isn't dressed all most the time.

- I absolutely, positively, despise being pregnant. Basically the only thing I like is some of the cuteness that comes with dressing the bump in the early stages, oh, and you know--making a life. But other than that? I feel like I'm going to die 99% of the time. Then? My babies sleep like absolute crap for, like, EVER. So for months after having a baby I'll swear up and down out of sleep deprivatio that I WILL NEVER HAVE ANOTHER BABY AGAIN!!!!! My husband just sits and nods and smiles, because he knows that in a year or two I'll be begging and all "WAHHH I NEED A BABY!!!!!" I'm all bark and no bite. I need more babies. But I freaking hate being pregnant. But right now? No.more.babies. (I don't mean it.)

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  1. I'm not so sure I should be reading these confessions pre-baby... ;)

  2. Oh man, so hear you guys on the footie pjs all day. I tell myself it's okay because they're super cute and practical.

  3. Hahaha love this!!! I'll totally get you my confessions one of these days. Procrastination is my confession ;)

  4. i have a 2 month old, and she has spent maybe 4 days of her whole life NOT in footie pjs.. they're so easy, and cute, and convenient as heck to change her in.

    i also hated being pregnant. i wanted to die 99% of the time as well, and apart from like 5 weeks of cute bump size, it was either "i look fat" or "i look like a whale." i'm still on the "no more babies" train! :)

  5. I absolutely LOVE that you found some cohorts for this installation! Love it!!

  6. love this...and seriously, I figure by 6 am that co-sleeping isn't really co-sleeping, but just an early morning nap! ha!

  7. i love these--when i inevitably have my own new mommy confessions, i will know that i'm not alone!

    btw, sara, i wrote you an unnecessarily long response to your comment regarding st. john on my blog. please go read my blather.

  8. All three of you are adorable and so honest. :-)

  9. Hilarious! I love it. I also agree with each of these!!

  10. found your blog through katie...i just read all these new mommy confessions and i'm dying--so funny! new mom to a (almost) 4 month old and this is just what i needed tonight! thank you :)

  11. Love these I'm just going to keep bookmarking them for when I have kids!!

  12. Thanks so much for having me Sara!! Such a fun series!! xo