Running from the Law: Garden Update - 12 Weeks

Monday, July 5, 2010

Garden Update - 12 Weeks

It's now been 12 weeks since we planted the garden.

And it's thriving!

Well, at least the plants that the rabbits didn't eat are thriving.

When we got home from vacation, we noticed we were missing a few plants.

We lost all the lettuce and all the cilantro.  :-(

Ryan had to put up a fence around the garden to keep the bunnies away.

"This time baby, I'll be...bunny-proof."

Here's what the garden looks like now.

Crazy how much it's grown.
The first veggies I could use were the green onions.
I can't tell you how many recipes I make that call for green onions and I cannot ever remember to buy them at the store.  Three times now I've been able to walk out the back door and pick fresh onions.
How did I ever live without a garden?

And do you see that zucchini plant?!
Holy moly, it's out of control!
That's just ONE plant (of THREE!!).
The other two (plus all my basil) is being dwarfed by this massive zucchini plant.
Yes, I was warned.
No, I didn't listen.
Thanks for rubbing it in.
We've got little tiny baby zucs, the size of pickles.
They're freaking adorable.

See the basil trying to grow up through the zucchini?
Poor basil.
I picked most of this last night and made pesto.
OMG, it was amazing.
I broke my Cuisinart doing it, but it was worth it.
If you've never had fresh homemade pesto, you are so missing out.
Feel free to come over and try some...I made a shit-ton.
The peppers are doing ok.
Not great.
But not terrible.
But I've got holey pepper leaves.
What's up with that?
Anyone know what happened?
But even with holey leaves, I've got peppers!
Two peppers, actually.
Out of 6 pepper plants.
Kinda weak, if you ask me.
Is that normal?

And now, my pride and joy...
The whole reason I planted a garden...
The best veggie I've ever had straight from a garden...
We planted 8 tomato plants. 
And they're kicking ass and taking names.
We've already pulled (and eaten) about a dozen tomatoes off the plants.
Hello beautiful.
And we've got at least another dozen almost ready.
They're my babies and I love them more than I ever thought loving plants was possible.
Look how pretty they are!

I've never been so proud. 


  1. Your garden is awesome! The pesto sounds delish. I'm jealous - my sad basil plants are not producing anything worthy of turning into pesto.

  2. That is awesome!! I am determined to start a garden next year. Love your pictures!

  3. I'm super envious of your garden! I wish we had a yard, but our Condo Assoc. is picky about planting things :( Booo.

  4. Looks great! How much basil did you pick for your pesto recipe? I made it a few weeks from my big plant that I keep inside (the bugs were eating it alive...which by they way, is what's getting your peppers!) and my overzealous picking killed the plant (temporarily) and only made like a cup of pesto!

  5. this garden is incredible!!! I lost my cilantro too. Heartbreaking. I'm proud of you!!