Running from the Law: Pippen

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Meet Pippen.
Pippen belongs to my youngest brother, Timmy.
Today is Pippen's birthday (guesstimate).
He's one.
Timmy found Pippen last year on Thanksgiving.
Abandoned, starving, cold, with a broken tail and detached retina.
Pippen went home with Timmy and has been living the good life ever since.
He is an absolute sweetheart.  So grateful and loving.

Pippen loves spending time at the Farm.
He likes hanging out by the pond.
Looking for frogs.
Chasing bugs.
It's exhausting.
One of my favorite things about Pippen is that he can go from 100 mph to dead asleep in about half a second. He just stops and falls over and sleeps where ever he is. His positions are sometimes unbelievable.  Sometimes he sleeps sitting up!  He is seriously the funniest little dog I've ever met.

Like me, Pippen also really likes back scratches. 
If you're not scratching his back, he'll just do it himself.
He picks out a good spot...
And then goes at it!
Whoa, that was awesome.
And exhausting. 
Time to nap again.

Pippen also likes to run.
And he is SO fast.
I just love watching him fly!

Me: Hey Pippen!
Pippen: What 'chu want woman?
Me: Come here!  I've got cheese!
Pippen: On my way!
Pippen: Here I come!  You better watch out!  I can't control my stopping.
And...he's down.

Pippen also chases butterflies.
Where did it go?
That's exhausting too.
We've had the pleasure of watching Pippen for a few weeks while Timmy's in Ireland this summer.
I've fallen in love with the little guy.
Seriously, how could you not love this face?
And he's such a cuddler. 
He just wants to be close to you. 
He likes to sleep curled up under your chin. 
With his head on your pillow.
And he likes to play in the water bowl.
Which means he leaves these everywhere.

So happy birthday Pippen!

I hope you're spending your day running like the wind!
As fast as you can.
Tongue out.
Chasing butterflies.
With a big smile on your face.
And then you can take a nap.
Try to find a more comfortable pillow this time.

Happy Birthday Pippen!


  1. Haha, you have just described my Boston to a "t". I love his inability to stop after being in a dead sprint, poor lil guy often rams straight into walls while I laugh hysterically. And the "under-chin-snuggle"? King Arthur is a pro at that!

    So stinkin' cute!

  2. Too cute!! So glad your brother saved Pippen and gave him a good life. I'm a rescue dog softie.

    I love Bostons. We have a boxer and I think they look like little miniature boxers. If our next dog isn't a sheltie (but it will be, damnit! I don't care how insane they are--I miss the fluffiness of my sheltie!), it'll be a Boston.

    Also, have you noticed that I'm a crazy dog lady? Yeah...

  3. ADORABLE. WHAT a sweetheart and he looks great with that spiky collar! Happy birthday Pippen!

  4. After spending the last 2 weeks at the farm with us, Pippen now has a middle name------Piposterous. He is undoubtedly the funniest animal on the Farm. He is having a wonderful birthday hoarding the chew bones and terrorizing Lenny & Cooper.

  5. Gah! I am in love with Pippen! As in I started doing research on the breed after reading your post (like we could really handle a THIRD dog right now). Great photos!

  6. Aww what a cutie!!! Happy birthday Pippen!

  7. What a sweet soul! Both the dog and your brother for saving him. I just love stories like that - the animal is usually so grateful, but really they give back to us a million times over. Love your Dad's comment and Pippen's new middle name as well! :) Happy Birthday Pippen!

  8. You had me at Pippen! ;)

    Thanks for the Twitter follow (I've added you, too!). Love this post about Pippen the Boston Terrier. We have a Boston pup, Frisco, who turned a year old in June. Like Pippen, Frisco has an eye issue...we had to repair a corneal abrasion when he was just a wee pup. :( But, the spirit of a Boston Terrier is exactly as you described it!

    Happy birthday, Pippen!!!!

  9. Oh Pippen is so cute! Happy Birthday to him!

  10. Thanks you sister!! Great pictures, first I've got to see of my boy in a long time. He's not even going to know who I am. C-ya Monday!!

  11. LOVE the running pictures (and accompanying commentary). Pippen is a great name for pup!

  12. I adore Boston terriers! Pippin is so cute!