Running from the Law: Wedding Recap - Welcome to Jackson Hole!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wedding Recap - Welcome to Jackson Hole!

One year ago today...we welcomed 60 of our closest friends and family members to our favorite place in the world, Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Thursday was a great day.  I honestly can't even begin to describe this day or the emotions surrounding it.  I have never in my life felt so loved and grateful.

Ryan and the guys woke up at the crack of dawn and spent the day fly fishing in Idaho on the Snake River.

Meanwhile, I woke up early, had coffee on the deck overlooking the mountain and tried to take it all in.  The weekend was already flying by and I was determined to make sure it lasted as long as possible and savor every second I could. 

Most of the guests were arriving that day and there was such an amazing energy all around us.  After about an hour of relaxing on the deck I couldn't stand it any longer and knocked at the townhouse next door to see if Brooke and Erica wanted to hit the town while the guys were away.  We drove to Jackson, had lunch at the Sweetwater Cafe (my absolute favorite lunch spot in Wyoming) and spent the day shopping.

After a few hours we went back to the Village to get ready for the Welcome Party.  Family friends, the Kennedys, had offered to host a Welcome to Jackson Hole cocktail party for all the wedding guests in town on Thursday night.  It would be a great way for everyone to have a chance to meet before the wedding and hang out in town.  Ryan and I were so thrilled and grateful for their hospitality. 

We had cocktails and hors doeurves out of the deck of E.Leaven, a local bakery.  It was perfect.  Most of our guests were just getting into town and a few came straight to the party from the airport.  This was about the time everything started to hit me. 

It was so amazing to see all the people I love from so many areas of my life, all together and there for us.  Everyone had traveled so far and took so much time out of their schedules for us.  We had people there from MO, IL, FL, CO, TX, VT, CA, MT and Washington DC.  As I looked around, I was absolutely humbled.  Completely overwhelmed with emotion.  We really do have the most amazing friends and family in the world.  My cup runneth over.
Below, me and my wedding planner Kathi Michel
She was incredible!

After a few hours, everyone was ready to hit the town and dance! 
We mosied over to the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar on the town square. 
And got our party ON!

The bridesmaids (above).
Me and my Maid of Honor Kasey (below).
Amanda (above) did much better sitting on the saddle barstools than I did.
No side saddling for this girl.
On second thought...
My friend Brooke (above) drove down to Jackson from their house in Montana.
Sean (below) flew in from San Diego, CA.
Dave and Morgan* (below) flew in from DC and spent a week in the Tetons fishing and hiking.
(*we're super excited to go to their wedding this fall in Virginia!)
I swear I have the prettiest friends in the world.
And the guys aren't bad either! 
Hubba hubba!
There was definitely LOVE in the air.
It was such a wonderful night.

P.S. We went back to the townhouses after this and continued the party.  Absolute hilarity ensured, but I'm going to refrain from posting pictures of that mess.  I think I made it to bed around 4:00 a.m.  Absolutely exhausted.  But I'd never been so happy.  My face hurt from smiling and my stomach hurt from so much laughing.  Amazing.


  1. WOW! Everything and everyone looks amazing! Seems like the perfect beginning to your wedding:)

  2. Aw it sounds beautiful already. It's so nice that you got to spend quality time with all of your loved ones before the big day!

  3. This recap is making me want to plan a trip to Jackson ASAP

  4. so glad you're doing this. not only is a great memory for you to have on paper but it is SO FUN to read all about the little details! can't wait for the rest.

    ps. you look gorgeous in all of these photos-definite bridal glow! :)