Running from the Law: Welcome to the Farm

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Welcome to the Farm

A few years ago my dad told me he and Kelly bought a farm.  I said, "Wow Dad, I had no idea you wanted to be a farmer when you grew up."  I had a hard time picturing my dad riding a John Deere combine over acres of corn fields.  I couldn't see Kelly waking up at dawn to milk the cows and feed the chickens.  He replied, "It's not that kind of farm, you silly city girl."  I was confused.

Basically, the "Farm" is land/woods in the country.  That's it.  No requirement to raise livestock or grow soybeans.  Dad doesn't wear overalls or bale hay.  Kelly doesn't feed slop to the pigs.  They didn't even have to go to farm school!  Sheesh, they'll let anyone run a "farm" these days!

For years, the Farm was just woods.  Dad and Kelly cleared a road into a field, stuck a picnic table out there and called it a day.  It was around this time when I made my first visit to the Farm.  Needless to say, I was underwhelmed.  I couldn't see anything but trees.  However, Dad and Kelly had a vision.  Dad pointed out where he wanted to build a lake (over by those trees), where he wanted to plant an orchard (over by those other trees) and where he wanted to build a house (on the other side of those other trees).  Ok?  I was still confused.

But here we are years later.  And guess what... 
There's a lake over where those trees used to be.
And there's a house on the other side of where those other trees used to be.
I see it now Dad!  I get it!

Even though the say it's not a "traditional farm,"  they do raise animals.
There's a yellow one.
And a black one.
And some scaly ones.
 They also grow things.
Lots and lots of delicious things! 
Did you know that this is what asparagus looks like if you don't pick it?  It gets all fluffy and sprawls out everywhere.
It's really beautiful.
They've got strawberries.
Wild raspberries.
Have you ever had a gooseberry?
They are tart little suckers!
My favorite...blackberries.
More blackberries.
And more blackberries.

Remember where those other trees were? 
As promised, there's an orchard there now.
The orchard's full of apple trees.
How do you like them apples?!
This one blew over in the wind storm.
And speaking of apples, what about a mayapple?! 
Do you know what a mayapple is?
Me either.

There are a couple pear trees in the orchard.

Dad told me there's also a coffee tree.
Holy shit!
I can't wait until he taps that bad boy!
Who needs a Starbucks when you can grow your own coffee tree.
Wait.  I'm confused again.

Regardless of whether or not coffee grows on the trees, the Farm is a lovely place.

It's quiet and comfortable and relaxing.

Fresh air and sunshine.

The perfect place to bring the kids.

You can sit back and look out over the pond.
Or get some shade under the branches of a weeping willow.
Or just plain run WILD!
We love the Farm!


  1. Wow, that's gorgeous! I think I'd walk around the farm eating from the garden & trees all day.

  2. what a wonderful place! i would never, ever leave.

  3. Love It!...Reminds me of home when I was growing up and what I hope to return to one of these days.

  4. Your family's farm looks a lot like my dad's ranch. When I was told they were buying a ranch, I saw visions of horses, cattle and you know, shelties. I am wrong. Although, i guess, they DO grow hay (because they have so much land and nothing else to do, I guess!). And they fish. And watch the storms roll in over the mountains. It's a lovely life.

    Again, yet another reason we're friends.

    PS. You already knew this, but, that picture of Mally running full force is AWESOME!

  5. Wonderful! You do the Farm justice. We also had a vision of a place for our children to come and enjoy, relax and unwind, party and have a good ole time. We are happiest when you and your friends and families are here. By the way, I do think about raising chickens every now and then. Farm fresh eggs do sound good don't they?

  6.'s beautiful!

    My parents moved out to a 'farm' when i was in junior high. They have chickens, an orchard, and an enormous garden. Unfortunately there are almost no woods so its not nearly as idyllic.
    Besides, i couldn't do it justice--your photos are GREAT!

  7. So cool. I didn't know you could build a lake!! I guess that's where you get your gardening thumb from huh?

    Owning more than a suburban plot that's 100x200ft is so beyond me. Another blogger (Kristin from just bought a huge amount of land, I think it's something insane like 30acres - Ummm, that's like 1/2 of Central Park!!! LOL

  8. This reminds me SO, SO much of my in-laws "farm" in Louisiana! I think we live parallel lives in different states. Our two dogs that we lost last year used to love going there - our new dog Jack has only been once, and to be honest I think it freaked him out a bit, but I'm hoping he'll adjust and learn to love the relaxation as much as we do.

  9. That is soo pretty, and much more my idea of a farm than one with actual livestock on it!