Running from the Law: Wedding Recap - Rehearsal Dinner

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Wedding Recap - Rehearsal Dinner

One year ago today...we rehearsed.  And ate.  A lot.

During the planning process, it took us a while to find the perfect rehearsal dinner location.  We looked at a million different places all over Teton County.  We considered having it out at a dude ranch in Teton National Park, at a Western saloon on the edge of town, on an outdoor back patio at a local hotel, at the pavilion of a park in town, at a history museum and at an Italian restaurant.  Nothing felt right.  We wanted something classic and Western.  Something quintessential Jackson Hole.  Something spectacular.

Enter JHMR.  Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village runs the ski operation on Rendezvous mountain, which includes the base restaurant, the restaurant on the top of the mountain, the tram, the stores and the gondola.  We looked at having the dinner at Couloir (the restaurant at the top of the mountain), but it was WAY out of our price range.  Plus, we wanted to be outside.  So they worked with us and we came up with a compromise.  An outdoor BBQ on the patio below the restaurant on top of Rendezvous Mountain.  This was the first time they'd done this type of thing and we were more than willing to be the guinea pigs in order to have such amazing views.  The best of both worlds!

(Check out our rehearsal dinner invitations and inspiration board HERE)

We all met at the base of the mountain at a little restaurant to run though a quick rehearsal. 

I guess my dad couldn't find a trash can for his beer bottle!
A pocket will do!
This is my favorite picture of me with my bridesmaids.
Aren't they all beautiful?!  I love you guys.
Western attire was "highly encouraged." 
I'm so glad everyone played along! 
The outfits were great!
After the rehearsal, we took the Bridger Gondola to the top of the mountain.
It's about an 8 minute ride on the gondola up to 9,095 feet!
(Photos above from friends, photos below courtesy of Carrie Patterson Photography)
They set up tables on the patio outside the deli and roped the area off for privacy. 
Is that perfect or what?!
The views from the mountaintop into the valley were breathtaking.
The peak of the mountain was still covered in snow (in July!).
I bought red and blue bandanas and the restaurant used them to wrap silverware.
Ryan's mom and I wanted to do a favor for the rehearsal dinner.
We came up with a great idea to make her secret recipe salmon rub and pair it with an apron for grilling!
We spent a whole afternoon one day making the rub.
I bought these little metal tins and created and printed my own labels.
I bought plain white aprons and printable T-shirt transfer material and made the aprons myself.
I loved them!
We had a nice cocktail hour before dinner so everyone could take pictures and meet each other.
They made sure there was plenty of Bud and Bud Light for us St. Louisans.

Quite a spectacular backdrop for pictures.
Dinner was classic Western BBQ. 
Chicken, cornbread, baked beans, potato salad.
It was SOOOOOO good.
After dinner, Ryan's mom got the toasts started.
And the rest of our friends and family joined in on the fun.
Our friends are hilarious.
My dad's toast was so sweet.  It definitely brought tears to my eyes (and Ryan's).
After the toasts (or roasts), it was time for dessert. 
And what dessert goes better with BBQ than S'mores!
Can you tell how much I love s'mores?
As the sun set, we said our goodbyes and headed down the mountain.

Tomorrow would be another busy day.

 The day.

Stay tuned.


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