Running from the Law: The Chase

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Chase

Do you ever think that your pet takes on your personality?  I do!  Kelly and I love to talk about all the ways our dogs are just like us and the boys' dogs are just like them.  Since all four of us kids have our own dogs, it's pretty easy to see the truth in that statement. 

For example:

Cooper is my brother Kyle's dog.  Just like Kyle, he's pretty laid back and easy going.  He gets along with everyone.  Tends to keep to himself at times.  Is loving and funny and kind.

Chris's dog Hugo is a lot like Chris in many ways.  He's energetic and likes attention.  He's determined and smart.  He's the peace-maker and wants everyone to be happy.

Pippen, of course, is just like Timmy.  He's the baby of the family so he's completely spoiled.  He's goofy and smart and affectionate.  He gets away with everything.  He picks on everyone else and they just put up with it.  He's also so confident he's downright fearless. 

And then there's Mally.  Just like her mama, Mally is a princess.  I'm the oldest child and she's the oldest dog and she rules the roost.  Just like me, being the only girl, she has to be assertive to make those rowdy boys listen.  She's bossy and determined and wants all the attention.  And of course, she has to look pretty doing it!

So what happens when you get the dogs together? 
Do they act just like we would act with each other?

Does the baby of the family still annoy and bother the princess?

What do you think?
I'm annoyed with Timmy just watching this. 
Pesky little brothers.


  1. I love that when you whole family gets together the dogs get together too! So cute!

  2. Oh crap. I don't even want to think about what my dogs' personalities say about me. I may need serious therapy...ha!

  3. So true!!! Hanna was (like Mally) the oldest and a total princess (I have no idea where she gets this from, honestly). She was demanding, but, a real sweetie pie. Ella has now totally become Hanna! This worries me because this means I will never had a sane dog--ever!!! Oh, and our boxer? Totally my husband.

    We usually can't take the boxer home to visit the fam because he gets in trouble. He doesn't like other dogs (again, a hermit, like my husband) whereas Ella is all "hello, let's be friends! Let's play!". And also, my brother in laws dogs are fancy pants expensive trained cattle dogs--and our dogs are NOT allowed to intermingle with them. It's like the caste system of dogs.

  4. oooh, i LOVE pup posts! and Huge is the spitting image of my Biscuit when she was babeh. awwwww!

  5. my ex boyfriend who got me my dog, he hated people in his face, claimed a little claustrophobia and I swear the dog he got me is the exact same way so yes I agree dogs act like their owners (to a certain extent)

  6. They are all so cute!! How nice to see such different dogs playing together!

  7. How cute! I love the video at the end!

  8. Haha, those are great pictures. My younger dog is SUCH a "little sister" type to the older "princess." It's funny to see how their personalities changed when they started living with each other.

  9. Love, love, love this post! So very cute! And all of the dogs are just adorable.