Running from the Law: Baby Mac - 11 Months

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Baby Mac - 11 Months

Dear Baby Mac,

I can't believe this is my last monthly update before you turn a year old.  This year has flown by like no other I can remember.  Despite all the sleepless nights and the endless days, I blinked and my baby is no longer a baby.  These updates probably all sound the same - full of nostalgia about the past and excitement about the future - but I'm so glad I had the opportunity to keep tabs on what you're up to and your accomplishments.  And in keeping with tradition, I'm a few weeks late posting this because each month just seems to sneak up on me and fly right by.  Oh well, some things never change.  And some things change a lot, like YOU.  The biggest change...

YOU'RE WALKING!!  I can't get over it.  It's the cutest thing ever.  You started off with cruising around holding onto the furniture (or the dog) and then got a little brave by taking one step here and two steps there.  Usually on a bee line straight into our arms.  We'd cheer and clap and you'd get the biggest smile on your face and clap for yourself.  So incredibly proud.  And then all of a sudden, you were on the move.  Walking all over.  Stopping, turning, squatting, walking again.  Every day you get better and better on your feet.  You've still got a bit of a Thriller-zombie arm thing going for balance, but you're moving really well.  I think the walking has helped you become a little more independent, as you don't want to be held quite a much these days.  You're always on the move and can get to what you want much quicker, whether it be the dishwasher or the dog food bowl.  Of course that makes me a little sad that you're growing up so fast, but I'm also so proud of you and happy that you're strong and smart and doing so well.  This mama is just beaming with pride.

Since you've been so focused on physical abilities, you haven't been doing much talking these days.  Our pediatrician told us this would happen, so we're not worried at all.  You still say "dadadada" all the time and definitely know what it means.  You also say "dat" for cat.  And you bark like a dog.  Actually, it's really funny.  You've been known to crawl after the dogs on all fours (like them) and bark at the front door when they do.  It's absolutely hilarious.  And just because you're not saying words doesn't mean you don't understand them.  You know eat, drink, duck, dog, cat, outside, up, diaper, book, bath, night-night, ball, mama and I'm sure you know even more than I give you credit for.  You also sign a couple things (eat, water, more).  We're working on some of the others, but you rarely watch us or pay attention when we're signing, you're already on to the next thing.

Your personality continues to shine though.  You've been less sick these days, so you're usually in a great mood and super happy.  You love to laugh and have the cutest fake laugh that you do when we laugh (which of course makes us laugh more and makes you fake laugh more).  It's wonderful.  You also are developing strong feelings and are SO incredibly demanding.  If you don't get your way there is hell to pay.  I'm pretty sure (about 100% sure) that you get that from me.  Sorry.  You are getting slightly better with the separation anxiety.  You love people and will smile and wave at everyone you meet.  You also love other babies and kids and think you have to touch/hug/lick them.  You're fascinated by the three little girls that live across the street from us.  You will stand at the front door and watch them while they ride bikes and run around playing tag screaming like wild banshees   Your dad constantly warns you that girls are nothing but TROUBLE and to stay away for as long as possible, but I don't think you're going to listen.  You like the ladies already.

You're also (and I know I'm biased) just the most handsome kid around.  I just can't get over your dark eyes (from your dad) and your blonde hair (from me).  Your hair's finally starting to get thicker and you've got some little curls on the side that just kill me.  You also now get bedhead in the mornings, which is the cutest thing I've ever seen.  I know it's silly, but I'm so glad you're a blonde (is there anything cuter than a little towhead baby boy?), mainly because I love seeing a part of myself in you.  Strangers tell me that we look alike and I melt.  However, I think you look just like your daddy did when he was little.  Those big brown eyes are killer and are going to get you out of a lot of trouble with me.  I can't say no.

Your sleep...well, it still sucks.  That's all I'm going to say about that.  

You're eating a TON these days.  I'm constantly surprised by the amount of food you can put away - although I guess I shouldn't be, you are my child.  You're still a fabulous eater, but you're also starting to pick and choose what you want to eat, as opposed to just eating whatever we put in front of you.  You definitely have opinions about everything these days.  Your favorite foods are pasta, rotisserie chicken, black beans, cheese, blueberries, pudding and ice cream.  Well balanced meals, I tell you.

Oh Mac, there's probably so much more to say, but I'm going to save all the mush and gush for your big ONE year post in a few weeks.  It's probably going to be a doozie, requiring an entire box of tissues and a bottle of wine to write.  Wish me luck.  Until then, just know that you are the most loved child in the whole wide world.  Everyday just keeps getting better and better.  I can't wait to see what the upcoming months will bring.  You are my whole world. 

Your mama

11 Month Highlights:
- walking 
- first solo flight/trip to Dallas with only me
- got baptized
- attended lots of birthday parties
- slept through the night once
- mowed the lawn with daddy
- attended a Renaissance Fair
- first Easter
- mastered a sippy cup and a straw
- can blow a duck call
- fake laughs and barks


  1. What a cutie!!! I love the big brown eyes and blond hair too. And that photo of him mowing the lawn in sunglasses? Priceless. I understand the mushiness because as a mom, how can you not?!

  2. Wow, Mac looks so much bigger this month! What a cutiepie! That picture of Mac and Sage looking out the window is just awesome. :-)

  3. LOVE the mowing the lawn pic! SO cute!

  4. UM. AND ATE A GIANT TURKEY LEG. And I owe you pictures, I'm sorry, my computer hates me and won't connect to my camera. Sunday project for me tomorrow, clearly.

    And I'm still cracking up over him chasing Ella Mae to the door and barking. I DIED.


  5. The 1st pic with the crab shirt and the puppy dog eyes, SWOON!!

  6. Blond hair + those big brown eyes = heart breaker!
    Time really does just slip by. Enjoy this next month before baby turns one!!

  7. You aren't biased, he's adorable!

  8. He just gets cuter every month!! I can't believe he's going to be 1 so soon!

  9. Cannot believe he's walking!!! Ahh crazy!! And I agree, he's totally adorable! Love the dark eyes and light hair. Where did you find those adorable dog jammies? Are they Hatley?? Love them and need them!

    Oh and SO funny how he barks like the dog. That's soo cute!

  10. I die! SO SO SO adorable. The pic mowing the lawn is amazing! Also we have the same owl hat:) obsessed

  11. Omg picture with daddy mowing the lawn is freakin hilarious! Mr. Mac is so dang cute, and his big brown eyes are to die for! I can't believe our lil babies are almost one, I can't handle it! I get sad every time I say it, even though I know there is so much fun to come!

  12. He is absolutely adorable!! So exciting that he is walking. Fun times ahead. I love the lawn mowing, I'm going to have to tell my husband to try that because Max stares at the window crying as he mows the grass.

  13. Who told our newborns they could turn into TODDLERS?!?! I can't believe he's walking!

    I love the "can blow a duck call" highlight :) Definitely a high point in a boy's life.