Running from the Law: Sorry!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Day 13* of the "Blog Every Day in May" challenge:

"Issue a Public Apology..."

To the guy that I cut off in traffic yesterday because I was running late and hadn't had any coffee and was listening to Ke$ha a little bit too loudly for 8:30 am...I'm sorry.

To my dear sweet husband, who has to put up with my moodiness and sass and know-it-all-ness, day after day after day...I'm sorry.

To my parents for everything naughty and bad that I did as a kid...I'm sorry (but know that I've got it all coming back to me with this kid).  

To my liver for all the damage I've done to you over the last decade...I'm sorry.

To my bank account for all the baby-related crap I've purchased instead of pretty dresses and bags...I'm sorry.  

To the hundreds of oysters and crabs that have to die so I can fill my belly with you on our beach vacation in a few weeks...I'm sorry.

To my co-workers for the number of times I've come into the office with wet hair, no make-up and two different shoes on...I'm sorry.  

To the pregnant lady I saw in the grocery store, wrangling a toddler and waddling around with a giant belly that I watched enviously just a little too long to make her slightly uncomfortable or think I was a kidnapper...I'm sorry. 

To my blog readers, who are about to be bombarded with photo overload of every single ridiculous detail of Mac's upcoming first birthday party...I'm sorry.

To my pets, who have been getting  "loved" a little too roughly by a pair of small hands lately and are now missing a few patches of fur...I'm sorry.

To Baby Mac, who gets to enjoy a lifetime of me embarrassing him with silly made-up songs, taking a million photos of everything he does and talking about him to random strangers on the internet...I'm sorry (not really).  

*I'm obviously behind a little bit on posting every day...SORRY!


  1. ha! these are great! Can't wait to see all of the birthday fun!!

  2. Aww, honey, those are great apologies. Even though they made me smile. ;)

  3. Those are great! I really wanted to get sarcastic with mine, but I knew it would turn out too long! ;) Excited to hear about the birthday plans!

  4. Haha, I have some bad baby fever and sometimes stare too long at mommas with babies, and think, "omg, I hope they don't find me creepy!", lol. Good list.

  5. This was so good! Especially the one about the preggo in the store! Love it!

  6. Ha! Love this .... especially the one to your husband (mine can so relate!). ;) And I'm dying to hear more about Mac's 1st birthday plans! No apologies needed on that at all! Bombard away!